Our Crew

Director Logan Gilpin



Logan Gilpin was born in Fort Worth, TX. Over the years, he has put his talent to work as a  sound engineer at the Ridglea Theater music venue, doing sound work for concerts, and directing, sound engineering, and lighting for NBC. Logan founded Under the Tower Productions in 2002. Logan, and Under  the Tower, has worn many hats. From wedding videos to documentaries to short films, Logan has done them all. His philosophy is to create content that makes one think and embrace the journey of life. In his free time, Logan enjoys spending time with his fiance, his daughter, son, and step-son. 

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Jessica Cleveland



Jessica Cleveland was born in Dallas, TX. Jessica's talents lie in creative writing and data analysis. After spending over 15 years in the restoration industry, Jessica decided it was time to follow her dreams. She took over  the running of day-to-day operations at Under the Tower in 2018. Her organization and drive has helped to grow the company to what it is today.  Her motto (which John Lennon coined) is: Life is what happens to you when you're busy making other plans. In her free time, Jess enjoys spending time with her fiance, her son, and her bonus children. She is also currently writing a novel.

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Melissa Caldwell.jpg


Talent Scouting

Melissa Caldwell was born in Rockwall, TX. Melissa is a true jack of all trades, and as such can recognize those skills in others. Melissa has a real eye for talent and can help bring any production together with the smallest notice. In her free time, Melissa enjoys spending time with her son, painting, and baking delicious treats. 



Script Writer/ Voice Talent​

Matthew Kendrick was born in Fort Worth, TX. He has been working in the voice-over field for over ten years now. In addition to the talent of voice-over, Matthew enjoys utilizing his skills as a proof-reader and copy editor for scripts. He has even been known to put pen to paper to write his own scripts. For fun, Matthew enjoys canoeing down the Trinity River and other outdoor activities. 

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