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Video Production

Every video production is unique. From concept to script, production to final product - Under the Tower provides full-service video production. No project is too small, nor too large - we would love to tell your story.


In the pre-production stage, we work with the client to create a treatment document outlining:

  • The message that is to be conveyed (this is generally 3-4 main points)

  • Who will be telling the story (narration and/or on-screen)

  • Where and what will be in the shoot (locations, product, etc)

We will then schedule the shoot. We will work with the client to make sure talent and locations are available and prepared for the day(s) scheduled. An outline of the procedure will be created and distributed to necessary parties. A shoot can take anywhere from 1 day to several months, depending on the project.


In production, filming will be completed. The cast and crew will be managed and directed. 

  • Primary people and location(s) will be filmed.

  • Any B-Roll footage will be shot as well.


In post-production, we will work diligently to bring your story together in a manner that matches your vision.

  • Editing of the first-cut will be done.

  • Soundtrack will be produced.

Once the first-cut is presented to the client, the client will present their first round of changes. Once changes are made, client will have an opportunity to make additional revisions before the final product is presented. 

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