• Jessica

5 Indoor Fun Ideas for St Patty's (or whenever)

It has only been a few days, and cabin fever seems to be setting in for many families around the country. Parents are being inundated with ideas, resources, learning tools, and types of wonderful information to help get through these trying times. In association with our friends at The Legacy of Love app, we have compiled a list which showcases the top five we've found (and enjoyed!)

1. Virtual Field Trips

The brilliant folks over at KidsActivities.com have many phenomenal resources to explore. One of the most exciting adventures that stood out to us (being fans and producers of such technology) was the virtual field trips, which can be taken from the comfort of your sofa! From the Great Wall of China to Ancient Greece, history can come alive. There‘s something for everyone, don’t wait!

For those of us who are missing out on celebrating our Irish heritage with our kin, Travel and Leisure has compiled a list of virtual tours, which include The Guinness Storehouse along with a multitude of beautiful vistas throughout the Irish land.

A particular personal favorite. Makes my Irish blood sing with pride and longing.

2. Virtual Story Time