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5 Indoor Fun Ideas for St Patty's (or whenever)

It has only been a few days, and cabin fever seems to be setting in for many families around the country. Parents are being inundated with ideas, resources, learning tools, and types of wonderful information to help get through these trying times. In association with our friends at The Legacy of Love app, we have compiled a list which showcases the top five we've found (and enjoyed!)

The brilliant folks over at have many phenomenal resources to explore. One of the most exciting adventures that stood out to us (being fans and producers of such technology) was the virtual field trips, which can be taken from the comfort of your sofa! From the Great Wall of China to Ancient Greece, history can come alive. There‘s something for everyone, don’t wait!

For those of us who are missing out on celebrating our Irish heritage with our kin, Travel and Leisure has compiled a list of virtual tours, which include The Guinness Storehouse along with a multitude of beautiful vistas throughout the Irish land.

A particular personal favorite. Makes my Irish blood sing with pride and longing.

Again, has the answers! Some inspiriting authors and actors will be reading from their favorite, or own, stories each day. #OperationStoryTime on Instagram has references to the different books being read daily and by whom. From Natalie Portman to Jennifer Garner, this is not one to miss. #SaveWithStories features even more wonderful virtual stories to investigate.

The geniuses at (I’m sensing a theme here) compiled yet another list of experiences for the family that enrich, educate, and keep everyone safe in the comfort of their own homes. Google Arts & Culture feature 10 museums that can be explored anytime, anywhere. The Museum of the World, brought to you by The British Museum, has a mind-blowing, interactive website. Definitely worth checking out.

One of the best sites for kid-friendly fun has done it again. You guessed it, strikes again. One we are dying to try is the indoor, spontaneous carnival game. The other, an obstacle course. The kids will just have to wait their turn on that one!

Additionally, during dreary times, creating rainbow crafts is never a bad idea. Today, the kids attempted rainbow stacked hearts. Because we have a young artistic ingenue in the house, she decided to go with felt instead. I think she helped my 5-year-old create something wonderful!

felt heart diy

This project, by far, is our favorite activity to do as a family. As a household individuals, each brings a unique perspective to what our homemade adventure or horror flick should be about. Props, costumes, settings... we do our best to set the scene. Then... ACTION!

The end result doesn't have to be anywhere near perfect. What matters the most is the fun you have as your family creates a magical event that will never leave you. One of our personal favorites (below) is from our family to yours.

Oh my gravy!!

And so...

Although we are all wondering what the future brings, what can be dome now is enjoy this... a time we wouldn't normally have with our children, to help them grow, learn, and actively use their imaginations. Who knows... one day, one of our budding young geniuses could be making Hollywood films or writing their own Children's books! Keep their dreams alive. As always, we would love the opportunity to know and tell your story.

Cheers, and chin up! After the rain, a rainbow will appear. At the end of that rainbow... a pot of gold. Don't let fear and doubt ruin that silver lining or the chance to enrich your lives; something brutal will never keep beauty at bay for very long. x

P.S. The Legacy of Love App is perfect for situations like the ones listed above. A modern-day scrapbook, the journal app can log milestones and journal entries (through photos, videos, audio, and text stories) from parents to their children. The memories tell the story. Coming soon to iOS, Android, and as an online tool.

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Logan Gilpin
Logan Gilpin
Apr 27, 2020

I like this blog

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