• Jessica

How To Effectively Market Your Small Business Online Like An Expert

Having a marketing budget that isn't significant can be problematic when you are a small business owner trying to promote your business. That's why we've taken the time to help you promote your business without breaking the bank.

1. Google My Business

A Google My Business profile is an especially effective marketing strategy for local businesses. With this free listing, your business will show up on Google Maps and in the local section of Google Search. Be sure to fill out your Google profile completely and optimize each section. Including photos and videos is always helpful. P.S. Don't forget about the always-important Google Reviews!

2. Visual Marketing

Utilizing the visual medium to market your business is a creative way to engage your target audience. Sites like Pinterest and Instagram are free and could potentially help in building a large following online.

3. Social Media Promotion

If social media is not already a part of your marketing plan, it is time to make a change. Social media platforms are perfect for marketing your business, and free! Cross promoting on all platforms is effective in getting your content seen by a large variety of people. Using sites like Facebook, Twitter,