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How to Use Social Media like a Pro

Think that you're ready to begin utilizing social media marketing? Below you will find tips on how to kick off your social media campaigns the right way.

1. Remain Constant

Social media in marketing allows you to post as your brand across multiple platforms. Make sure that you remain steady with your business’ core identity. Find your voice and stick to it. Consistency is key.

2. Content Planning

In order to drive engagement on social media, having a marketing plan is key. Consider using keyword research to find ideas that will interest your audience. Find out what your competitors are doing that you can use as well.

3. Social Content & Promotion

Regular posting to your platforms, and valuable information that your customers find interesting and informative, will help you build your follower base. You can share images, videos, infographics, how-to’s, and more. Post your blog and site updates so that your readers can have access right away. Content and social media marketing go hand in hand.

4. Analytics are Mega Helpful

Data tracking is the only true way to determine the success of your social media marketing strategies. Google Analytics is a very useful tool that will help you measure your top marketing techniques, as well as determine which tactics would be better off on the cutting room floor. Utilize tracking tags to monitor each campaign. Each social platform has its own analytics you can use as well, giving you even more insight into what is working for your audience.

5. Crises Happen

We all make mistakes, even the most popular brands. Make sure you have a plan in place, so you and your employees know how to handle mishaps. Unhappy customers tend to post and comment more than happy ones. Everyone in the company should have a role and know how to execute their duties efficiently. Consider the tone of your prepared responses; genuine apologies are not only expected, they are the right thing to do. Accept responsibility and learn from your mistakes.

Under the Tower Productions is a full-service video production and distribution company. From running paid campaigns to posting content to video ads to teaching you how to manage your own social media marketing, we are here to help. Reach out today to learn more! We would love to tell your story.

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