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5 Tested Video Storytelling Tips You May Not Know

I recently read a statistic that said 76% of businesses increased sales because of video. Seems like as good a reason as any to use video as a part of your marketing campaign, right? Not just any video, however. A video that tells a story is bound to captivate your audience and inspire them to make a purchase. Here are some tips for expert storytelling:

1. People are Important!

Centering your story lines around the employees in your business and your customers will create a more personal image. You want to focus on people, not product. Expressing the benefit of your product or service will help the busy customer in making his decision. Find your tone and stick with it. If you want to be humorous, do it! The more human you seem, the more likable you are. Facts are boring; we want to see a person telling or demonstrating why they matter.

2. Create an Order

Every story should have a beginning, middle, and end. That may seem obvious, but you would be surprised. If a piece is missing, your marketing video could feel empty or incomplete. A good story has a beginning that features a relate-able person in some sort of situation; a middle where the character takes action to address the situation; and an ending with a revealed outcome.

3. Plan your shots ahead of time

Choosing a background can be tricky. You don’t want it to distract from the story, but it also has the power to make the story more compelling. For an outside shoot, the optimal times of day to get the best shots are immediately after sunrise or just before sunset.

Bonus: If you decide to shoot outside, try to stay away from noisy areas that could hurt the sound quality.

4. Camera angles are useful

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, experimenting with camera angles is beneficial in enhancing your storytelling. Different lenses offer unique and creative ways to film your video. For example: a telephoto lens will make objects appear closer together. A wide-angle lens will appear to increase the distance between an object in the foreground and one in the background.

You can use angles provided by your environment. Balconies, staircases, even stools help create new and exciting perspectives. A cutaway could be fun to try as well. Using your environment to enhance your story never hurts. Remember that the more footage you shoot, the more options you have!

5. Editing is your friend

Becoming a master at editing is one of the best ways to enhance your video marketing skills. You can risk losing interest if your video is too lengthy. Two minutes is the golden number, with the first 15 seconds as the catalyst for longer viewing. Try to make your video visually appealing, with a good narrative, right away.

Remember, a good story connects you to your audience, increases loyalty, and makes your company more personal. Need help finding your way with video? Reach out! We want to tell your story!


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