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Origin: Under the Tower

Have you ever wondered how your favorite brands got their names? Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonald's, observed the McDonald brothers and their efficient style of hamburger carry-out and decided to replicate it in the form of a franchise. Google was very nearly called BackRub! Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the founders of Google, came up with that horrible idea because their search engine operated by searching backlinks. Luckily for us, a spelling error occurred when Page was checking for the domain name, et voila! Google got its name.

Logan Gilpin, founder and leader here at Under the Tower Productions, has always been intrigued by motion pictures. In 2002, he realized his dream of starting his own production company. The problem was - what to name it? At the time, Logan was taking care of his ailing grandfather who lived in a house right beneath the Samson Park water tower near Fort Worth. Most movie studio lots have water towers for fire protection, and it seemed like more than a coincidence that one was so near at hand when the company was conceived. His partner at the time came up with the moniker - Under the Tower. Logan did not take to it at first... it seemed too long and, in his opinion, it didn't really have anything to do with film production.

Having grown up with the Animaniacs cartoon, Logan eventually came around. In the beginning, short films and feature length movies were the focus. Only with the shift to documentaries did Under the Tower Productions become what it is today. Storytelling is the heart and soul of our company.

Sadly, the water tower where it all began was torn down. Logan was on hand to record the demolition. Unfortunately, more and more of the iconic landmarks are being torn down with the desire to beautify the landscape.

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