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Spotlight - Alliance Airport

This week we are shining the spotlight on one of our partners – Hillwood Properties. In particular, the Alliance Airport in Fort Worth, TX. The Alliance Airport is roughly 15 miles north of downtown Fort Worth and caters to private and military aircraft. The facility offers a fitness center, pilot lounge, and on-site customs.

This shoot was done as an informational piece about the airport and their services. A drone, long telephoto lens, and cell phone (for audio) were used in capturing the shots for this production. Air Traffic Control was not too thrilled about having a drone on the tarmac but reluctantly allowed us to utilize it.

It was a pleasure working with the crew and employees of the airport on this shoot. This shoot was done in one day, while the staff continued to run the airport. The narrator, Brittany Barrilleaux, was nervous about her speaking part but clearly nailed it! Passengers who were waiting in the lounge area were friendly and even consented to be a part of the final product. A lot of the handshaking and interaction you see in the video is authentic, which goes to show what a warm and hospitable environment the airport truly is.

We look forward to partnering with this outstanding establishment again in the future.


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